Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New area for movie reviews.

Due to popular demand...or, rather, unpopular demand, I have endeavoured to create separate sites for my movie reviews and my other, more nonsensical bloggings. Slowly but surely, I have been completely sucked in by the internet ned culture, and I am now doing things I once scoffed at. Like linking things to other things and embedding things in stuff. I'm not even sure what most of it means. Anyway, if you look to the right ----------------> you will see a small link that says "Cynical Cinema". This is a whole new webpage, which for some reason looks sleeker and sexier than this one here. On that page I will be posting movie reviews, new release information, and whatever interviews I might do with directors and actors and such. So...you haters...Doc, I'm looking at you too...you will no longer have to wade through PAGES and PAGES of tedious, mind-numbing, horrible boring movie reviews! And for those of you who want to stay informed and take my advice about what movies to rent, click on the link to your right. This week - There Will Be Blood! It's amazing. But I'll let you read all about it, over there --------------->

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