Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kids movies appear to be mostly awful. At least there are books.

Every now and then I notice a bunch of my books missing. When this happens, I am certain that they are in the kids' rooms, and I am also certain that I will not get them back without hunting them down. The kids are less than tidy, and seem incapable of putting things away where they go. But I am not terribly concerned about it when it's my books. But it always amazes me when I see what they choose and read. Our 13-year-old just finished And Then There Were None, then quizzed ME on it. Having not read that one in about fifteen years, I lost the challenge. Now he's on to Sherlock Holmes and some Robertson Davies. And last night our eight-year-old came to ask us what the moral of "The Star Child" was. In his hand he's got this book of Oscar Wilde's short stories! I read it myself to see if there was anything for kids in it - I mean, it's Oscar Wilde - Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde - I figured it might be too brutal, or maybe over his head. But Oscar Wilde, believe it or not, wrote many short stories that are great for kids! Now he's finished with that book, so he grabbed a couple more off the shelf. Up next, To Kill A Mockingbird. Taste for the classics, this kid. The complete collection of Oscar Wilde's short stories is (mostly) great for kids, and is available at Chapters and Indigo and all those book stores that are the same thing, for like $2.99.

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