Monday, April 14, 2008

Is this not going to get worse, before it gets better?

Every mention I hear about the Olympics in the news also mentions protests. There is an Olympic torch run going on, it has been marred by protests. Chinese officials have attempted to comment, they have been beset by protests. The Canadian government has been the target of protests, as has the American government, the British government...pretty much every government in the world. And China laughs, and they thumb their noses at the protestors, because, really - who cares? Do the protestors really think they will convince Stephen Harper that boycotting the Olympics is the right thing to do? Or that dealing with China while they continue to make a mockery of human rights is the wrong thing to do? Come on. No government in the world has the balls to go up against China. This country is quickly becoming the most powerful economic force in the world, and what's more important than money? Obviously not human rights. So the protests are for naught.

Even if those protests DO reach China, and put some egg on that corrupt face, they can still laugh it off. No one will do anything that will actually put real pressure on this government to change at all. So they can continue doing whatever they like, and no one will boycott their Olympics, and no one will report on Tibet and involvement with Darfur while they're over there covering the Olympics. No, instead, we will get CBC reports on the old man who has walked the length of the Great Wall four hundred times in his life, and the sweet elderly woman who still makes those straw sombreros, and the Canadian trampoline athlete who overcame childhood chicken pox to make it all the way to the top of her sport. That's what we will see. And yet, this thing may yet get crazy. Craziness begins now: To protest the protests, a protest was held by protestors who were in favour of the Chinese government. You see, they are angry about the politicization of the Olympics, and so...they are protesting. Politically. Against politics. Protesting. Against protests.

And this is why the Chinese government can't possibly be worried about anything that happens in the world outside China. They have managed to control their subversives and eliminate their problems so thoroughly in their country that the ordinary Chinese citizens who go about their daily lives without worrying about anything are unaware that anything is wrong. And when they leave China and move to other countries in the world, they will protest for that country and for it's Olympics. They, of course, are not Tibetan, they are not Falun Gong, they are not from Darfur. But they are very much ready to fall in line, protesting the protests, politicking against the politics, fighting against fights. Demonstrating non-violently, against violent demonstrations, so that their country can continue to demonstrate violent reaction to non-violent protest. And this is act one.

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