Monday, April 28, 2008

The final nail in my suburban coffin?

I was excited by a couple of gifts my girlfriend brought me from that What A Girl Wants store in Merrickville. A Bogart photo and an Audrey Hepburn photo that we could put on our wall. So, today, we put them on our wall in the bedroom. They look great, side by side, all black-and-white and old school. Hepburn is up over her side of the bed, Bogart up over mine. And I looked, and felt a sense of pleasure with our new decor, and then it hit me - She has Audrey Hepburn over her side of the bed. I have Humphrey Bogart over mine. We have become not just a house, a home, or a suburban how-to clinic. No, now we have transformed our house, in a small way, into a Montana's, a Casey's, a Kelsey's, a Broadway! One of those restaurant-bars that have crazy crap on the walls. (They're all the same, the only real difference is the decor or perhaps the hotness of the waitresses.) Not only do we have that stuff on the walls, but we have designated the men's area and the women's area! Like that place that has Marilyn Monroe on the women's bathroom door and James Dean on the men's! THIS is where we live. So, we're going to go look for more cool stuff. I'm now on a quest for Cagney, Bacall, Brando, Mitchum and Rosalind Russell. And best of all, when I've found them all, I can start serving beer, beef dip, steaks and suicide wings in my bedroom!

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