Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day! So...we've got this chain...

I remember as a young child, when I was eight years old, thinking that the environment was the number one issue in the world, and trying to organize get-rich-quick schemes in my Winnipeg neighbourhood so we could donate the money to the World Wildlife Fund. In fact, I remember the biggest clash I ever had as a child was whether the money we raised with our little Corey Hart cover band would go to help pandas or Peregrine falcons. I wanted to help the falcons, because they were in our own area and they were more endangered, but a girl from down the street felt that people would donate more money to help pandas because they were cuter. Of course, she understood the situation far better than I did at the time. Cute is easier to sell. But the point here is that at the age of eight, the kids in my neighbourhood knew the environment was the most important thing we could protect. We knew that DDT was a horrible thing and that greenhouse gases were causing global warming. This was 1986.

Since then, twenty-two years have gone by. It is now 2008, and as the reverend Wright would say, our "chickens are coming home to roost". The people who had the power when I was eight years old are the same people who have it now. And we have done nothing to slow down what we all knew, half a century ago, was coming. Doc is a member of that generation, and he seemed to embody the problem yesterday. The bonus code, for Earth Day, was "doomed". So...we've already used everything up, we've already caused irreparable damage, why stop now? We're already screwed, let's stop trying to fix things and just wait. Keep on driving our SUVs and wasting water and leaving all our lights on until we inhabit a foodless desert. I mean, who really cares? We'll be long dead by the time the world resembles The Road Warrior, and if we teach our kids martial arts and weapons and how to build a bunker right now, perhaps they can end up, at the very least, playing the Mel Gibson role. So our kids are provided for. No worries!

And because Doc embodies this oh-so-selfish generation that has ruined things for the rest of us without nipping it in the bud when that was possible, the same generation who now run our government in the time of crisis. More on that in another post. For the time being, I will just show the level to which the environment matters to people such as Doc and his resource-sapping cronies. OK. Now that I'm looking for it, I realize that although there were pictures taken yesterday, they are not on the internet anywhere yet. So I have no picture of myself, chained to a tiny little tree, and then doused with a big bucket of water. Get it? Chained to a tree like an environmental activist? Like a tree hugger? And then, while I'm there and can't move, dousing me with water! Happy Earth Day! See how that all ties in? Yeah, neither do I. With ideas like this, Doc may be right. We are doomed.

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