Sunday, April 20, 2008

The darndest things...

My girlfriend is usually good about leaving the kids home with me. She trusts that I will not feed them oven cleaner or play the catch-the-hammer-with-your-face game. For the most part. But somewhere, deep down, she suspects that I let them get away with too much while they are home alone with me. But this is not the case. They actually "get away" with less, because I make sure I keep them occupied, as best I can. You can't get into too much trouble if we're playing scrabble or soccer. So yesterday I was out ripping up the backyard, and I got her youngest, who is eight, to help me some. There wasn't much he could do, because he is very small, and all the tools we use are very big. But I found a little pitchfork which he could at least move around a little, gave him some busy work to keep him happy, and we did some outdoor work of a suburban nature. Then the phone rang, and he picks it up, and I can hear his mom's voice, clear across the yard, coming through the phone when he says "I'm great mommy. I just playing with a pitchfork."

And now I realize that I have written a Readers Digest blurb. Not even a very interesting one at that. I should submit it anyway, because I have completely lost it. I officially, right now, turn in my "cool guy" cred, if I ever had any. Not only am I gardening, but I am writing vaguely amusing anecdotes about it which will interest almost no one. That's it. I'm going to check to see if my table legs need varnish.

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  1. Fuggedaboudit. I think you're just happy to be back outside in the sunshine after that awful winter we had. We're all a little giddy right now!