Monday, April 28, 2008

55 bucks for a breakfast?

I was complaining this morning. I was reading about Richard Portelance, the Radio-Canada sales and marketing GM who claimed $7,500.00 in taxpayers money on meals in six months last year. I mean, this really didn't surprise me. When you're spending money that isn't yours, it is very easy to spend. And how many government beaurocrats do this? Way more than we know about, that's for sure. So I wasn't particularly phased. Oh, outraged and annoyed and all that. But I'm more angry that this is a fact of life than I was about this one guy. I saw that he had paid upwards of 700 bucks for one dinner. I get that. I have seen restaurants where wine goes for 500 bucks a bottle. I have never paid for dinner at these restaurants, but I have been in them. No, what astonished me was that he at one point paid 55 bucks for a breakfast! One guy - breakfast - 55 bucks! I have never been in that restaurant. Whenever I have stayed at a hotel, anywhere, there is a free breakfast. Yeah, it's a coffee and an orange juice and a stale bran muffin, but it's breakfast. And it's free.

And Doc and Woody looked at me like I was crazy! Like, of course there are 55 dollar breakfasts. At hotel restaurants, sure! They've seen that dozens of times. First of all, this makes me think that those guys make entirely too much money. And secondly, have they ever done it? Doc told me he once paid thirty bucks for a breakfast. Well, there were two of them...and it was a really fancy hotel...OK. Thirty bucks. Then he went on the internet, to show me that these breakfasts existed. And they do! I ended up coming home and doing some searching myself. Most hotel prices include breakfast. But I was able to find some hotel buffet breakfasts for up to $125.00.

And then I found this: For $26,000.00. One night. Royal Penthouse Suite Hotel President Wilson, Geneva. This amount of money buys you a night in a four-bedroom penthouse suite bristling with surveillance cameras, bulletproof windows, armoured doors and bedside panic buttons – as well as a butler and views across Lake Geneva to Mont Blanc. It’s also littered with period pieces, including a 1930s billiard table and a Steinway grand piano. And - here is the important part - it does NOT include breakfast. Whew! Come to think of it, Richard Portelance was living frugally! Thank God we have public servants like that man!


  1. Hey,& what about that 150$ dollar hamburger at the Burger King with the acne covered,little punk who still asks if ya want fries with that & spits on that Kobe Beef Burger,,,,Hey Krusty,,where's the good ol' horse meat dayz !

  2. It happens all the time in the federal government. One of the bosses here asked for and got bookcases that cost $6000. Let me right that out for you. Six Thousand Dollars. The rest of us deal with cheap plastic or pressboard types that do the same job. THEY HOLD BOOKS.

    It had to match the rest of the decor therefore they were a custom order. I admire their sense of entitlement.

    Bye bye pension in 20+ years because of spending like this.

    It will get worse before it gets better. Anytime my boss has questions for me regarding billing, I simply reply "$6000 bookcases"

    Serenity NOW!

  3. I keep asking CHEZ to provide me with a Hedi Teherani gold office chair, for comfort in my home office. There is a requisition form currnently headed to the head office to justify the $100,000.00 price tag...OK I'm lying.