Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rent-A-Goalie Complete First Season, Out Now from Alliance Films. (********8/10)

Canadian TV does three things well. Mockumentary style crude stuff, like Trailer Park Boys. Sketch comedy, like Kids in the Hall. And small-town eccentricity stuff, like Corner Gas. Anything that is not comedy, Canadian TV does not do well. Anything not comedy-related, sucks. Rent-A-Goalie is a comedy show, and it does not suck. It is actually quite funny, and I'm amazed I haven't watched it before now. A Showcase original series, Rent-A-Goalie came out on Tuesday from Alliance Films. The premise is the best part of the show - a guy named Cake runs a goalie-for-hire business out of a little coffee shop. That is the greatest premise for a show since...ever? There is a rotating roster of goalies who are rented out to rec-league teams and others that are short a goalie for a particular game. Christopher Bolton plays Cake, the man running the business, both the goalie one and the coffee shop. This show is hilarious, and just as foul-mouthed as Trailer Park Boys, the Showcase showcase show. It's bonkers in that it really hits the cross-centre of both hockey culture and coffee culture.

In the first season, there are some great guest stars, NHL stars like Phil Esposito, Tiger Williams, and Darryl Sittler. There is also some great eye candy in the shape of Inga Cadranel, who plays Francesca. Francesca is the daughter of Cake's business partner, an old Italian man with possible mob connections. The first season begins with Cake and Francesca having sex, and then the tension escalates between them...I won't go into great detail here, but the first scenes where Cake describes his sexual conquest to his business partner, and then the scene where he discovers it's in fact his daughter, is even more politically incorrect and funny than one could imagine. The great thing about Rent-A-Goalie is the fact that with characters named Puker, Short Bus, S**t Pants, and others who get compulsively naked and fart constantly, the show is still somehow understated. It isn't all fart jokes and gay jokes and cheap comedy, it's actually well-written and funny only when it has to be. The best thing about Canadian TV comedy is that it doesn't follow the pattern of regular sit-coms, where jokes are forced in at the end of every sentence and scene.

Foul language, coffee, violence and doesn't get much more Canadian than that, and shows don't get much weirder, funnier or better than Rent-A-Goalie. This is a series well worth buying, renting, watching. Glorious Canadiana!


  1. I thought I would hate that guy. Almost. But it turns out I love him, almost!