Friday, March 7, 2008

Muffin's radio debut.

Muffin made an appearance on the Doc and Woody show on Wednesday. She was there to share some dog food with me, to celebrate the new Ellen DeGeneres line of foods-you-can-share-with-yer-pet. Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, the food did not arrive. Nor did Tony D, which was too bad since I wanted to see if Muffin would bark while he was singing. We have researched her papers, and discovered she is indeed a toy poodle, and not a bichon frise, whatever that is. Also, we discovered she is in fact 15 years old. Which, if the dog-years math is correct, makes her 105. Still rather spry for such an old woman.

When my girlfriend found out she was 105, rather than 91 as we had originally thought, she felt bad. She's been (as have I) expecting Muffin to run up the stairs on her own, and complaining when she sits at the bottom and waits to be picked up. I found this amusing. Had I KNOWN you were so old, I would have helped you. Like, if you had a grandma who was 105, you would help her up the stairs. But if she was only 91, do it your damn self, grandma! Apparently, these dogs can sometimes live to be 18, which would be 126 in dog years. Which means Muffin could have three years left. It also means that perhaps people should re-think this whole "dog years" thing. People don't live to be 126. Perhaps five years to each human year would be more accurate than seven. We can see that Muffin's vision is starting to go a little bit, and she's getting a little bit of arthritis in her back legs, but those are some pretty insignificant infirmities for someone over 100 years old, I think.

On the way back from the station Wednesday, it took me a couple of hours to get home, what with the blizzard. After about an hour, Muffin started to whine in her cage, so I took her out and let her sit in my lap, just like I was Britney Spears. The lady at Tim Hortons gave her a Timbit, but she was fairly disinterested. Now every woman at work is wondering why Muffin isn't making another trip into the station. I tell them it's because Randall was mean to her, but really it was that long trip in and the long trip home that did her in. She didn't move at all for the rest of the day, having expended all her energy running into every studio and office in the building on Wednesday, and then being subjected to Rush songs on the way home. That would make any dog whine. Although she seems to like Aerosmith. Perhaps you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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  1. Awwww, Muffin is a sweety. See I TOLD you she was a Toy Poodle!

    I sure hope Suzy makes it to 105.