Friday, March 28, 2008

More advertising.

I am a corporate whore. Which is fine, it's kinda what I agreed to when I signed on. I travel to various locations in order to sell people goods during live commercials, goods which on occasion I would not personally endorse or purchase. But that comes with the territory of being in radio, and it is how I manage to feed and clothe myself and my family. However, this blog, having been hijacked to some degree several months ago by the CHEZ techies, is still advertising things I don't even know about. I was to understand that the ads placed here --------> to your right, were a punishment I was forced to undergo for a short period of time, having screwed up a bonus code or two. I was led to believe that for a short time advertising would run on my blog, simply to make me feel as though I was paying some kind of penance. However, this seems now to be an interminable arrangement, one over which I no longer have control. As I type this, I can see the banner advertising "vote for the seven wonders of Lanark County!". I have been trying to make up my mind as to whether I endorse this at all.

I have tried to go to the website by clicking on that ad, to find out more information about the seven wonders of Lanark County, and the options from which I have to choose. I have, sadly, been unable to do so, as that website seems to no longer exist. The Lanark Country Tourism website is down! Alert the ... Lanark County web department? But they are paying to advertise with our website still, and although I do not see any of that money, I would hate for them not to get their money's worth. So I have some suggestions as to what the seven wonders of Lanark County might be:

1. The world's eleventh-largest road apple! Visit the farm of Herb and Judy! See the eleventh-largest cowpie ever recorded with a conventional measuring device!

2. The measuring device! See the tape measure that was big enough th measure Herb and Judy's 15-inch cowpie!

3. Henrietta! Come visit the cow that was responsible for the expulsion of the world's eleventh-largest cowpie! She seems unfazed by the recent publicity!

4. You Kill 'Em We Grill 'Em Meats! The place where Dr. James Naismith once ordered the finish-it-and-it's-free eleven pound possum! Did he finish it and get a free meal? You'll have to visit to find out!

5. The chrysanthemums of Sally and Bobby! See the flower bed in front of Sally and Bobby's house in Carleton Place, the house once owned by Jeff Brown of CHEZ 106, the flowers once watered by his tears when the Leafs missed the playoffs yet again!

6. Haystack No. 4! Still preserved and untouched since the days of the building of the canal, visit the haystack where Colonel John By lost his virginity to an ancestor of Avril Lavigne's!

7. Maple Syrup! That's it...maple syrup.

Soon, perhaps, the Lanark County Tourism website will be up and running again. At that point, perhaps you could go there and vote for some real stuff. Until then, here is the actual Lanark Country website:


  1. The only time I see any ads is when I come here to comment... like now.

    I subscribed to your posts via the RSS feed wayyy at the bottom of the page: "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)". Each of your posts shows up in my RSS reader, in their entirety, without ads.

    Life is good. :)

  2. hey eric

    the broken links / dysfunctional web sites / misinformation are not anomalies for Rogers in general but at least these issues are fairly rare @ Chez. Now u know what the platinum nation ppl feel like when we're prompted to "click here to visit this sponsor for 100 pts" and ... nada.

  3. Actually, the only time that I've had nada on the "click here for 100 points" sponser-thingy is when I've visited and collected already...