Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lil' Bush Season One. Out on DVD today - Paramount (***3/10)

Lil' Bush: Resident of the United States is an interesting concept. It takes George Bush, as a small child, fills him with delusions of grandeur, pairs him with playmates such as Lil' Rummy and Lil' Condie and Lil' Cheney...no clever nicknames for Cheney, I suppose. He lives with his president father and his ugly mother, and he sows the seeds of a future disastrous presidency as he makes his way through school. There is a Lil' Hillary Clinton, a Lil' Bill Clinton, a Lil' Barack Obama, pretty much a "Lil'" every major political figure in the U.S. and the world, up to and including Lil' Kim Jong Il. No attempt is really made to have any kind of continuity, and I suppose that's rather unimportant when it comes to a show like this one. Things take place that are occurring today, and then things that occurred during the presidency of Bush senior take place, and that's about it.

Which is the real, irritating part about Lil' Bush. There are some good lines and good jokes, like Haliburtonland in Iraq, and Lil' Cheney bites the heads off chickens, Lil' Condoleeza Rice is in love with Lil' Bush, Lil' Tony Blair is effeminate...but so what?Three good lines per episode is not enough to make this show good. Simply referencing George Bush and mocking his attitude could sustain you for one half-hour episode. Making Lil' Jeb Bush a neanderthal with the IQ of a toad and talking about Lil' Rumsfeld's father beating him could, if done right, sustain you for a second episode. But it does not a whole show make. At some point, you want the show to be what it ostensibly is - political. In the end, it feels far more like a show that merely takes the name of the current U.S. president and then makes him look stupid. That, any comedian can do. That, is easy. George W. Bush is the most easily-mocked public figure of the past fifty years, outside maybe OJ, and yet this show is content to do simply that. Make the easy Cheney-is-corrupt jokes, and the Bush-is-stupid jokes, and the Clinton-is-a-horndog jokes, and that's it.

Please. Haven't Clinton-likes-breasts-and-interns jokes left the realm of topicality eight years ago? There is so much the Bush administration, and the Bush cronies, do every day that is worth skewering, that it's very disappointing when you don't see that happen. And by the way - where is Lil' Karl Rove? Shouldn't HE be the one biting the heads off chickens while Lil' Cheney shoots people in the face? I see why this show was picked up - the idea has tremendous potential. But none of that potential is fulfilled here. Season One of Lil' Bush: Resident of the United States comes out today courtesy of Paramount.

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