Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just because I am a tool does not mean I have tools...

My garage is flooding. The eavestrough from my roof, with the melting snow and all yesterday, was depositing water directly into the garage, and there is now a puddle about half a foot deep and ten feet by ten feet right where the car goes. So yesterday, after an extensive but futile attempt to bail out the garage with my bright yellow shovel, I tried a different tactic. I couldn't use my plastic shovel to chop up ice, so I got a butter knife and a hammer. I was in the driveway, on my hands and knees, hitting a butter knife with a hammer in order to chop a channel down the side of the driveway and hopefully allow the water to drain toward the street instead of into my garage. My efforts proved fruitless, however, and drew some strange looks from my neighbours, and I still have a massive puddle in the garage. For some reason, the people who owned the house before me carpeted the garage, on the walls, so I am anticipating the gross smell of rotting carpet come spring. It's either that or going out every half hour or so to use my makeshift bailing bucket to remove the water. My older step-son got home from school and eagerly jumped in to help, but I soon realized that to him, "help" meant "hit things with a hammer", and may have been slightly counter-productive. At least he wanted to help, whether it was because of his destructive nature or not. So I will wait until he gets off school today to begin phase 2 of my attempt to save my garage-carpet, which will be ripping the drain spout off the wall of the garage in an attempt to re-direct the water.

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