Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jeff Healey.

With the sad passing of Jeff Healey on Sunday, I have received several emails. One of the great Canadian musicians, one of the true class acts in the guitar world, and a fine man. He had one platinum album, his debut, which took off after people saw him in that Patrick Swayze Roadhouse movie. The cancer that killed him was a disease he had since birth, the same cancer that caused him to go blind as an infant. He was 41 years old. One of the emails I received, from Richard, asked if I would post a link to the video of Angel Eyes to my blog. And it turns out that I am that easily influenced. Well, for Jeff Healey I am.


Here is another link to a video of Healey doing While My Guitar Gently Weeps:


I don't know if he would want to be remembered with that hair - so try to concentrate on the guitar and remember him for that.

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