Sunday, March 2, 2008

Human Giant Season One. (Paramount) Out Tuesday March 4th. (*******7/10)

Human Giant will seem very familiar to a lot of people. Anyone who has grown up with Kids in the Hall, or if you're in Britain Monty Python, or maybe SCTV, will feel like they have been watching Human Giant for years. It is another of those sketch-comedy shows which hits and misses with just about equal regularity. It's an MTV show that comes out on DVD courtesy of Paramount this Tuesday. It stars Aziz Ansari, a very good stand-up comedian, Rob Huebel, who has appeared on Arrested Development and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Paul Scheer, who was in School For Scoundrels. There is some inspired comedic writing in this program, and also some intriguing mis-fires. Lowest on the comedy metre are bits like "Shutterbugs", a recurring piece where the guys play agents to toddler-actors. One funny bit has a tiny George Bush and a tiny Osama Bin Laden starring in a movie together. But overall, it's a weak sketch. The funniest sketch involves some guest stars, like Rob Riggle from the Daily Show. It's called The Illusionators, and is basically a send-up of the David Blaine-Chris Angel style magic shows. It works every time, and it's fantastic.

Season One contains the first eight episodes of Human Giant, and a full disc of bonus features that is almost as good as the show itself. This is worth checking out for any sketch comedy fans. But be warned - it is decidedly filthy, with very offensive humour. Which I think makes it all the better.

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