Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What a quick response!

The Conservatives are responding! Quickly! With the downturn in the American economy, it seems likely this will hit us Canadians quite soon. So, without waiting for the budget to be announced, our government is fast-tracking a 1 billion dollar program to boost our economy now, before it is too late! How fast, how efficient, how timely. This way, we won't be waiting for the budget, and we won't hang in the balance over whether the other parties decide to endorse said budget, and we won't be worried about the fact that the only way to get this economic boost is to sign off on the budget as a whole, even if the rest of it is awful...good news. Now, why can they do this when it comes to the economy? Why is timeliness and speed and alacrity of paramount importance when it comes to our money, and we just can't do this with...anything else? Hey, the environment is important. We need to do something right now. It would be better if it were done yesterday. What is required here is timeliness, speed, alacrity! So they plan to get to it in what - sixty to eighty years? Nice job.

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