Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New releases Tuesday February 12th.

Becoming Jane: A garbage movie about an amazing woman. Anne Hathaway is irksome in her choices of movies, and this one is no exception. Avoid it.

Buah, Ha- (Also called The Bubble): Love story set against the backdrop of war in modern-day Tel Aviv and Palestine. From all accounts, it is worth renting.

Dallas (Season Eight): I suppose this would be worthwhile. If you already had the first seven seasons. And really loved the 80s.

Dirty Laundry: African-American family must come to terms with their gay brethren. From all accounts, it is quite good.

Family Ties Season 3: Well, if you like Family Ties...or if you're an obsessive Geena Davis fan - she appears in one episode.

Gone Baby Gone: Perhaps only in working together can the Affleck brothers become more than the sum of their parts. Or, better than garbage. This movie is fantastic. Watch it.

In The Shadow of the Moon: I am really looking forward to this one. Reviews have been fantastic. Apparently this is a brilliant documentary, all about that very first moon landing.

Into the Wild: Apparently fantastic. Sean Penn directed, and Emile Hirsch stars as a kid who gives up normal life and treks through the wild. Generated lots of Oscar buzz, but few nominations.

Introducing the Dwights: Supposedly average movie about a middle aged woman moving to Australia to marry a one-hit-wonder country singer.

The Joan Crawford Collection, Volume 2: Joan Crawford was never much of an actress, more of a movie star. She was certainly gorgeous, and was a huge name, but her movies were rarely excellent. The second volume of her work includes Torch Song, Strange Cargo, Sadie McKee, Flamingo Road and A Woman's Face. These movies are on DVD for the first time, middle-career films for Crawford. It's worth it for Flamingo Road, Strange Cargo, and A Woman's Face. The others are weak.

Martian Child: Sentimental Hollywood schmaltz - John Cusack is a fantasy novelist who adopts a boy who believes he comes from Mars. Skip it.

The Amateurs: Universally poor reviews, it's the story of a bunch of small town pals who band together to make their fortune in the world of homemade porno. Anthony Quinn himself watched it. He says it sucks.

No Reservations: Catherine Zeta Jones and Aaron Eckhardt fall in love with the aid of food and cooking. It sure doesn't get any more chick-flicky. Unless it's Becoming Jane.

Romance and Cigarettes: Should be good. John Turturro directed, Kate Winslett and James Gandolfini star in what is purportedly an extremely dirty yet sexy musical. I know, musical.

Things We Lost in the Fire: Halle Berry gets cozy with Benicio Del Toro. Could be decent, reviews were very mixed.

We Own The Night: Could be good - Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg haven't made too many bad choices lately. Also in Blu-Ray.

Why Did I Get Married: Tyler Perry is doing more movies? Stop the presses. This one includes "actresses" like Janet Jackson and Jill Scott. I have not seen it, but I predict...it is obnoxious.

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