Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More hazards to add to driving.

I was on my way home from work yesterday on the Queensway. I had just entered the fast lane, and pulled up close to a big box truck, when ice chunks the size of my lawn blew off his roof and landed on the hood of my car. I managed to keep going in a straight line, there was no damage to my car, but I backed off. And for the next four exits on the Queensway, there were still massive chunks of ice blowing off the roof of this truck. I stayed back a safe distance, until he got off the highway, then continued forward in the fast lane. At the same time, as I was giving this guy a wide berth, the cars behind me started tailgating insistently. Like, you're not going fast enough in the fast lane for my liking, get out of my way. Had there been room in the next lane over, I would gladly have moved aside and allowed those other cars to take glaciers on the windshield. But there wasn't, and I held my ground until I could safely speed up again.

then I thought "man, what if that had hit my windshield?" But I truly thought that would have been dangerous only because I might lose control of the car with a sheet of ice obstructing my view. It couldn't possibly SMASH a windshiled, could it? The ice is big, but it's light and breaks easily...then I read a story in this morning's paper. Where ice came off the roof of a truck and smashed right through the windshield of a woman's car near the Nicholas off-ramp. So, you CAN have your windshield smashed by this. And someone DID. So WHY don't cops go after these people? I know, it's a pain in the butt to climb up to the top of the truck and shovel it off, but in the interests of safety, perhaps these drivers could do that? For the rest of us? Seems only considerate.


  1. I can see clearing off the trucks might be tricky. An idea I came up with would be for the depots that send these trucks out should have some kind of large brush contraption that the trucks could drive through/under in the morning before heading out to clear off the snow.

  2. Not a bad plan. There has to be a way easier than climbing up on top there and using a hair dryer.