Tuesday, February 26, 2008

DVD releases today - February 26th, 2008.

Beowulf (5/10): Meant to be seen in 3-D, the animation seems strange on a regular TV. Lots of yelling and flexing, no story to speak of (although I assume we all know the story, having read Beowulf in school). If watched the right way, this is hilarious. Cynical Cinema today, 3:20.

Darjeeling Limited: Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman. This is directed by Wes Anderson, the guy behind The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, one of my all-time favourites. Could be very good.

30 Days of Night: Vampire movie set in Alaska, the land of the midnight sun, or, in this case, 24 hours of darkness. Getting very mixed reviews ranging between "worst movie ever" and "best movie ever". Who knows who's right?

Death At A Funeral (7/10): Movie that would be average at best without the diminutive Peter Dinklage, who is proving to be one of the finest actors ever to be unfortunately typecast as a dwarf. With him, this movie is good. Cynical Cinema Thursday, 3:20.

Goya's Ghosts: Sort of a biopic, sort of an historical epic about the Spanish painter Goya, as played by Stellen Skarsgaard (Ronin, Exorcist: The Beginning). Also with Natalie Portman and Javier Bardem.

Silk(3/10): Absolutely awful. Don't let the trailers fool you, there is nothing worth watching in this movie. I hate Keira Knightley. Cynical Cinema Friday, 3:20.

Slipstream: Anthony Hopkins does strange time-travel as he plays a screenwriter with a messed-up mind. Hopkins also directed.

Day Zero: Explores the thoughts of three young men in New York City as they prepare to go off to war. Mixed reviews, mostly poor.

Darkon: Here is one I'm actually looking forward to watching. A bunch of geeks are followed in this documentary about something called Darkon, which is a role-playing game of some kind, like Dungeons and Dragons. Could be the next King of Kong.

Bloody Aria: An opera singer runs through the woods to escape a lecherous professor, only to find herself captured by those guys from the Hills Have Eyes...right.

Francois Girard En Trois Actes (8/10): Great look at the behind-the-scenes of some great stage productions. But you have to be bilingual to truly appreciate it.

El Cid (8/10): The Charlton Heston magnificent sweeping epic about the Spanish hero El Cid is finally on DVD. This will be the best movie you can pick up today. Alliance has created a massive 3-disc box set for the film, with tons of extra features. Cynical Cinema tomorrow, 3:20.

Turok - Son of Stone (4/10): Ridiculous cartoon adaptation of the video game. Bloody, gory, nonsensical, and a cartoon. Not for young kids. Or adults.

The Fugitive, Season One Volume Two (8/10): David Janssen in the original, excellent TV show. Numerous guest stars, including the fantastic Jason Robards. Cynical Cinema Monday, 3:20.

Also out:

Highlander: The Source
Justice League: The New Frontier
Jesse Stone: Sea Change
Barbie Mariposa
Comanche Moon - The Second Chapter in the Lonesome Dove Saga
Life After Tomorrow
Margaret Garner
Newhart - Season 1

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