Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Doin' my part for the hemisphere...

That is the link to the videos of me eating bugs. Eating bugs, Doc would have you believe, is environmentally friendly. Now, he has not so far been able to connect the dots for me on that one. The prevailing wisdom in the room over the past two days is that eventually, we here in North America, and indeed the rest of the Western Hemisphere, will be forced to eat bugs thanks to a food shortage. I see. So eating bugs is not, in and of itself, environmentally friendly. Rather, (and this is the part I think they missed out on) eating bugs is a warning, a wake-up call. It's a way of saying "you will have to subsist on mealworms and crickets if you don't start pressuring the government to save the environment". However, I feel this is somewhat of a defeatist attitude. In a way, forcing me to eat bugs as a "public service" is another way of saying "we're already screwed, environment-wise. No point in continuing to try to save ourselves, just start learning to eat bugs and wear more sunscreen."

I find this to be a terrible attitude on the part of Doc and Woody. The only thing worse than the "we're already screwed" attitude is the "weather goes in cycles all the time, we're in no danger at all" attitude. Perhaps in some small way, the videos of me eating mealworms and crickets might be a wake-up call to some out there. This is where we are headed when farms are over-run, and crops start to fail, and chickens and beef are scarce. Bug-eating. Perhaps this might be the kind of low-brow wake-up call that the feds need. Maybe, just maybe, this video will be sent to our environment minister John Baird (who is a very super individual, I recently heard on the radio) and make him think "oh right...the environment". Then again, the videos don't use fun words like "boondoggle". Who doesn't love that word? But really, John Baird and I are a lot alike. He (I heard recently) has done a huge service to Ottawa, as the environment minister, by single-handedly crushing the most environmentally-friendly transit plan we had. And I, as the Doc and Woody show's environmental activist, did a huge service to our entire hemisphere by single-handedly crushing and then eating a cricket, the most environmentally-friendly meal there is.

I would just like to point something out here - when seal meat arrived at the station, in a tin, already packaged and ready to eat, and I ate some of that, there was somewhat of an outcry. I was sent, via email and on my blog and in phone messages, videos and letters pleading for the seals and decrying the seal hunt and so forth. By eating some seal, I was part of that problem, it seems. (Frankly, I was just glad the meat was going somewhere and not wasted.) However today, when I ate live bugs, nothing. No outcry, no complaints, no outrage. Yet another way I would argue that "cuteness" plays a much bigger factor in PETA's agenda than "cruelty". Because really, what's more cruel than eating something alive? Oh yeah - ignoring the environmental crisis. You're welcome, hemisphere.


  1. You're right. Adopting a "we're already screwed" attitude sucks. That's no reason for you to eat bugs Eric. What wouldn't you eat for those two?