Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SAG awards...sagging.

The Screen Actors Guild, or SAG, is very often a more accurate representation of true acting prowess than are the Oscars, and they have announced the recipients of their annual awards. The reason they tend to be more accurate is that it is actors nominating and voting on actors. And who should know better than your contemporaries and peers? Although one wonders if it is only serious actors who are allowed to vote, and whether Rob Schneider and his ilk have a part to play here as well. Which would be kind of like Eddie "1/8" Gaedel being asked to pick the greatest baseball player of his era. I assume many of you are unfamiliar with Eddie Gaedel. If you really want to look up my obscure reference, check it out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Gaedel . Anyway, I have culled the list down to only those categories I care about. Because otherwise I will spend a lot of time irritating myself.

Category: Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role
Nominees: GEORGE CLOONEY / Michael Clayton – “Michael Clayton”, DANIEL DAY-LEWIS / Daniel Plainview – “There Will Be Blood”, RYAN GOSLING / Lars Lindstrom – “Lars And The Real Girl”, EMILE HIRSCH / Christopher McCandless– “Into The Wild”, VIGGO MORTENSEN / Nikolai – “Eastern Promises”
Winner: Daniel Day Lewis.
Verdict: The more I hear about There Will Be Blood, the more I want to see it. Daniel Day Lewis is like the modern Marlon Brando - he takes a movie once every five years, and every time he does, he's the best actor on Earth. Apparently for his role as Bill The Butcher in the Scorcese flick Gangs of New York, he actually spent time learning how to butcher meat with a real butcher. That's dedication to one's craft, especially once you see the movie and you think "why would he bother doing that for such a small part of his role?" I think he's likely a shoo-in for the Oscar and whatever else there is to grab this year.

Category: Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role
Nominees: CATE BLANCHETT / Queen Elizabeth I – “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”, JULIE CHRISTIE / Fiona – “Away From Her”, MARION COTILLARD / Edith Piaf – “La Vie En Rose”, ANGELINA JOLIE / Mariane Pearl – “A Mighty Heart”, ELLEN PAGE / Juno MacGuff – “Juno”.
Winner: Julie Christie.
Verdict: Well deserved. Julie Christie really did give the best performance of the year as an alzheimer's patient in Away From Her. Gordon Pinsent seems to have been shut out of all the best actor categories in all the award shows though, and I thought he did as good a job as Christie in this film. I would have liked to see Naomi Watts nominated here also, for Eastern Promises. She was fantastic.

Category: Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role
Nominees: CASEY AFFLECK / Robert Ford – “The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford”, JAVIER BARDEM / Anton Chigurh – “No Country For Old Men”, HAL HOLBROOK / Ron Franz – “Into The Wild”, TOMMY LEE JONES / Ed Tom Bell – “No Country For Old Men”, TOM WILKINSON / Arthur Edens – “Michael Clayton”.
Winner: Javier Bardem.
Verdict: I would really have liked to see Armin Mueller-Stahl nominated for Eastern Promises, and I would also have liked to see him win. Javier Bardem seems to have all the buzz around him, and I expect he will win at Oscar time also. I will hold off judgement until I see No Countr For Old Men. Which is next on my to-do list.

Category: Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role
Nominees: CATE BLANCHETT / Jude – “I’m Not There”, RUBY DEE / Mama Lucas – “American Gangster”, CATHERINE KEENER / Jan Burres – “Into The Wild”, AMY RYAN / Helene McCready – “Gone Baby Gone”, TILDA SWINTON / Karen Crowder – “Michael Clayton”.
Winner: Ruby Dee.
Verdict: Once again, comedies are under-represented in the major acting awards. You just can't be funny AND really good. Although I would have liked to see some love for McLovin, or for Paul Rudd in Knocked Up. Even Katherine Heigl could have merited consideration for that one. Oh, right. This category. Ruby Dee was terrific in American Gangster, but she was so overshadower by Denzel, and he was not nominated anywhere. Maybe because he already got his gangster Oscar for Training Day. I think this was a pretty weak category this year.

Category: Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture
Nominees: 3:10 to Yuma, American Gangster, Hairspray, Into the Wild, No Country For Old Men.
Winner: No Country For Old Men.
Verdict: No quibbles with the choice of the winner, but these nominations? Come on. Hairspray? John Travolta in a fat suit? No. 3:10 to Yuma? No. There were two great actors in that movie, Crowe and Bale, and that's it. Even Peter Fonda was a little cartoonish. American Gangster yes. Fantastic cast. But where was Eastern Promises? I don't think I have seen such a solid cast in a long time.

That's it for the movie stuff. The rest was all TV, and I just didn't watch enough TV to care. But I had to add these next two categories in, just for sheer amazement factor:

Best stunt ensemble for a TV series: 24. Here are the stunt men and women:

Jeff Cadiente*
Terri Cadiente
Troy Gilbert
Tracy Hite
Dustin Meier
Erik Stabenau
Justin Sundquist

* Stunt Coordinator

Best stunt ensemble for a motion picture: The Bourne Ultimatum. Here are the stunt men and women:

Evangelos Grecos*
Jeff Imada*
Miguel Pedregosa*
Gary Powell*
Darrin Prescott*
Scott Rogers*
My Rachid Abbad
Don Abbatiello
George Aguilar
Brian Keith Allen
Guimoar Alonso
William Anagnos
Roy T. Anderson
Scott Armstrong
Luis Miguel Arranz
Chris Barnes
Randy Beckman
Said Belaamim
Nikki Berwick
Michael Bornhütter
David Bosch
Tim Buchanan
Paul Bucossi
Peter Bucossi
Mike Burke
Bruce Cain
Chris Cenatiempo
John Cenatiempo
Nick Chopping
Bob Colletti
Chris Colombo
George Colucci, Jr.
Gil Combs
Aris Comninos
Ben Cooke
Benito Benitez Crespo
Eugenio Jimenez Cubillo
J. Patrick Daily
Juan Carlos Delgado
Kelly Dent
Jacob Dewitt
Miguel Diaz-Aboitiz
George R. Doering Iii
Levan Doran
Norman Douglass
Geoffrey Dowell
Ben Dimmock
Georg Ebina
Rick English
Peter Epstein
Jonathan Eusebio
Roy Farfel
Adil Farsi
John Favre
Victor Fernandez
Frank Ferrara
Stephanie Finochio
Dean Forster
Glenn Foster
Tanner Foust
Marvin Francis
Jeremy Fry
Tim Gallin
David Garrick
Andy Godbould
Eduardo Gomez
Mohamed Gouyd
James Grogan
Tarik Hadouch
R.D. Hansen
Eugene Harrison
Franklin Henson
Adolfo Heredia
Rob Herring
Cort Hessler Iii
Donald J. Hewitt
Don Hewitt, Sr.
Jery Hewitt
Jorge Huergo
Jason Hunjan
Rob Hunt
Rob Inch
Rowly Irlam
Martin Ivanov
Victor Ivanov
Keone Kim
Adam Kirley
Mike Lambert
Joanne Lamstein
Abdelghani Lasfer
Derek Lea
Maurice Lee
David Leitch
Antonio Lemos
Samir Machtioui
John E. Mack
Steve Mack
Guillermo Maestre
Stephen Mann
Paul Marini
Erik Martin
Boris Martinez
Santiago Martinez
Anna Mastroianni
Darren Maynard
Nick Mckinless
Jeffrey Medeiros
Erol Mehmet
Andy Merchant
Milesy (Peter) Miles
Lee Millham
Gareth Milne
Lee Morrison
Mark Mottram
Dino Muccio
Ray Nicholas
Brian Sonny Nickels
James O’dee
Chris O’hara
Shawn O’neil
Mick O’rourke
Oscar Outerino
Janet Paparazzo
Jesus Silva Pascasio
Peter Pedrero
David Pope
Greg Powell
Dominic Preece
Susan Purkhiser
Eva Raboso
Markus Ranglack
Buster Reeves
John Roney
Markos Rounthwaite
Allison Ryan
Johan Saentz
Ignacio Garcia J. Sanchis
Lutz Schleisner
Kevin Scott
Gordon Seed
Terry Serpico
Diz Sharpe
Matt Sherren
Nicola Short
Dave Shumbris
Keith Siglinger
Craig “Frosty” Silva
Jorge Silva
Tony Van Silva
Peter B. Simpson
Brian Smyj
Mark Southworth
Marvin Stewart-Campbell
Matt Stirling
John Street
Gary Tacon
Alberto Zapata Tatje
Roy Taylor
Shawnna Thibodeau
Arran Topham
Mustapha Touki
Greg Tracy
Manuel Valle
Aaron Vexler
Vincent Wang
Dave Ware
Dean Watt
Reg Wayment
Ronny Wechselberger
Donna C. Williams
Jose Zorrilla


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  1. no way cate blanchett didnt win for her role in "im not there"...that was one of the perfomances of the year for me, hands down