Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Credit where credit is due.

I have spent some time of late complaining about the gas companies and the people who show up at my door and who phone me. I finally worked out my gas provider dilemma, and all it took was the faxing of one company's bill to the other company, three calls to Enbridge, four calls to each of the gas providers, and then two more faxes. So, piece of cake. Done and done. Now, I discovered I was receiving two Enbridge bills at the same time every month. The first time I figured the second bill was the set-up fee for my new house, and I ignored it. This time, the two bills together added up to considerably more, and put me into the red, into the overdraft on my account. Now I knew something was amiss. I called Enbridge. The guy said he could see the charge for my current bill, but there was no way of knowing where that second, larger, amount went. I would have to call my bank, he said, and ask them what account the second charge had gone to.

I called my bank to ask them what account number my direct deposit had paid into. The bank said they couldn't figure that out from their end, I would have to call Enbridge. So I called Enbridge back. By now, I was fairly steamed. I was planning on being on the phone for the rest of the day, at this point, and maybe I would have to get in my car and physically go to the bank, and then go to Enbdridge, and then to the liquor store to drown my sorrows. But all of a sudden, the skies cleared! I explained to the lady on the phone at Enbridge what my situation was. I told her what her colleague had earlier told me, and what my bank had told me. Within thirty seconds, she had located the reason for my second billing! She was very contrite as she explained that although my contract with my previous house had been terminated, a glitch in the direct payment system had continued to take the money out of my account for that house. So, Enbridge was in fact being paid twice for the same property. She apologized profusely, and suggested a few possible solutions to my problem.

Enbridge now owed me a little under 250 dollars. They can't, apparently, put the money directly back into my account the same way they take it directly out. They can either credit that payment to my next bill, or they can send me a cheque. Since the second withdrawal had put me into the red, I can no longer make my mortgage payment. So, I definitely need the cheque more than the credit. She explained that any cheque under 250 gets automatically approved, and would be sent off right away. Anything over that amount would have to be approved. Judging by my own office, approval for something of that nature might take four months. So although I was ready to complain about the fact that their overbilling had put me into overdraft, and I was incurring interest and fees that I ordinarily would not have incurred, I didn't want to do that since I needed the cheque right away. She was so helpful with all this, so polite, and seemed genuinely concerned with my situation. I had phoned in a rage, but I was now placated. She gave me her name and serial number, so I could double check on the situation today or tomorrow. I have kept it. Now, every time I phone Enbridge, I will ask for Nancy, whether it's pertaining to this particular situation or not.

It's so nice to get a competent person on the phone, made even nicer by the fact that you don't expect it. You expect surly, curt, barely-trying-at-all service, like I got when I first called Enbridge. You don't expect someone to care about your problem and attempt to resolve it. I'm not sure how these call centres could seek to hire employees of this nature. My suspicion is that the next time I have to call for any reason, Nancy will have found a job in a bank or the government, or something that pays more, and I will have to deal with the surly folk once again.

On another bright note, I realized that the energy-efficient measures I have taken with my house are working - my old place was about half the size of my new place, and their bill was about 50% bigger than mine!


  1. It sounds like something rogers would
    do but instead of talking to a girl like Nancy you will be talking to a computer. I would be mad to Eric i think i would need about a 24 case to make me not as mad.

  2. An hour on my rowing machine calmed my nerves. And made me sore.