Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More on the digital...less on the rectal.

A big discussion followed Randall's explanation of his violation by finger in the name of medicine. We attempted to determine what was better. Having a male doctor do the procedure, or a female one. Doc made a good point, that being that a female doctor is likely to have thinner fingers, and as such it might hurt just a little less. This makes sense. However, Randall's doctor may well be a former member of the East German "women"'s swimming team, and as such has fairly thick fingers.

The second contention these guys had was that women likely have a softer, gentler touch, and are less likely to forcibly examind the prostate. On this one, I disagree. I think a man would know how uncomfortable the other man is with the process, and as such they would be more likely to do it carefully and with as little discomfort as possible. So...one on the side of men, one on the side of women.

I think what it comes down to, however, is one's own personal comfort level. Either way, man or woman, you are going to be embarassed and uncomfortable, at least a little. You are going to force the doctor to do something that is likely unpleasant for him or her as well. Maybe even more unpleasant. I don't like to think which end of the process I'd rather be on. In fact, I will no longer dwell on that, or I may have nightmares. But the doctor can't be enjoying this either. And I think I would feel for the doctor as well as for myself were I going through the process. And as such, I would prefer to have a male doctor doing it (personal preference again, I suppose) because I wouldn't feel quite so bad. I would still feel bad, but I would not be thinking "oh, this poor woman, having to look into my rectum". And I would sleep better as a result. On my side.

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