Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lucky people are idiots.

One of our co-workers, Amanda, was the MC at a wedding over the weekend. This is what happens when you work in radio - you end up being the person who talks at all social functions that involve your friends. I happen to like doing this, but I know it's a bit of a burden for some of the other guys. Amanda was telling me that this was one of those 7-7-7 weddings. I had heard about this, but I didn't believe it was really happening. I guess the idea was that July 7th, 2007, was the only day in our lifetimes that would have 7-7-7 as it's abbreviation. Seven is considered lucky. By the same people who walk around black cats and don't clean their underwear during winning streaks. So...dozens, hundreds, thousands of people around the world made SURE that July 7th was their wedding day. Because it is lucky.

What kind of person needs to feel "lucky" on their wedding day? Half the people who get married don't even GET lucky on their wedding nights. But what does a marriage need luck for anyway? I have never understood that stupid borrowed blue new stuff either. The superstition of not seeing the bride before the wedding. All this crap. What difference does it make? Are you more likely to get divorced if you slip up with one of these dangerous pratfalls? This marriage will NEVER work out! The bride didn't have something BLUE with her! I give it six strikes me that divorce doesn't come down to luck, nor does a successful marriage. So it must be something else. Traditions like this perhaps ensure financial success? Olympic athlete children? The death of a mother-in-law or two? Who knows. I feel that zero is a very lucky number - remember Les Browne? 00? He once won me twenty bucks with an interception. So I will get married on 0-0-0000-0-0. That should do.


  1. I give you 6 months max before you start blogging about your wedding preparations...

  2. My girlfriend says the same thing. In fact, she thinks within six months I will cave. Even if I ever decide to take that plunge...IF...I will wait seven months, simply out of spite and stubbornness.

  3. Resist Eric.. resist, you can do this ;)