Thursday, July 5, 2007

The benefits of two alarms are somtimes outweighed by the stupidity of one individual.

I have two alarms. Three, in fact. It is necessary. If I stay out until, say, midnight watching, say, a Bob Dylan show, for example, tonight - then it becomes very difficult for me to wake up at my usual time of 2 a.m. I normally get up at 2:00 so I can get my work done at home before I come in to the station, and I email it to myself. Then I leave at 4:00 or thereabouts. So on these rare occasions where I stay up late for rock and roll, I will re-set my alarm clock for 4:00 instead, to give me a little extra time. Then I get up, eat quick and take off for work. Since I live in Kanata, it takes me about half an hour at a regular driving speed to get there - after all, there is virtually no traffic on the road at this time of the morning, be it 4:00 or 4:30.

This morning it took me sixteen minutes, construction and all. You see, every now and then my bizarre hours catch up with me, and my body does not respond in it's usual way to the alarm. I missed Van Morrison last night, and fell fast asleep at about 6:30. My alarms all went off at 2:00, I turned them all off, and rolled over to get out of bed. Somehow, I never made it, and I awoke again at 5:20. It's not a huge deal if I'm not in the station before 5:00. It just means Randall's 5:00 news does not run on time, and Doc has to do slightly more work to prepare for the show. But it is quite unusual, and the guys began calling my various numbers. Unfortunately, I have moved about seven times since I started working at the show, and they woke up seven different people who had no idea who they were talking about. It turns out no one there had my current phone number. But I made it! In a highly illegal manner, in a way I would not recommend anyone approach the queensway, I got there just in time for the Nasty Joke, and all was well. Of course, there was no point in me being there today - everyone talking about the Van Morrison concert I missed, and me just sitting there, quietly stewing over missing such a huge event.

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