Friday, June 29, 2007

Golf can be awesome!

I got home late on Tuesday night from the Children's Wish golf tournament, which meant that I had to really force myself to stay awake, after getting up at 2 a.m. and doing the show, then heading out to the Canadian for the Kim Meloche Breast Cancer Fore the Cure tournament. What a blast, though! This time I was golfing with three people who were closer to my skill level. Bob and Barb, who own a Pizza Hut in Orleans, are both very good golfers. Kim, the organizer of the tournament, is a slightly better golfer than I am. But I felt useful. I actually hit shots we used, and even if three of us shanked, the other one would come through with a shot that bailed us out. In the end, we actually won the tournament! We were eleven shots under when we were done. I must say, that is certainly a first for me.

Another highlight was the auctioning off of a butt-painting. I had created a butt-painting specifically for the breast cancer tournament, with pink as the predominant colour. Bob and Barb purchased it, and it is now hanging in the Pizza Hut on Innes Road in Orleans. Between that one and the one at West End Automotive in Stittsville, I'm now bookending Ottawa with my butt cheeks! (I auctioned one off for Children's Wish as well - one of my finer efforts, it raised $175 bucks and outsold a Tiger Woods framed print, which made me happy.) A fine day and a fine tournament, but I came home with the worst heat rash of my life. I was completely covered with giant red spots, which look like a huge minefield of pimples, over my entire torso. My girlfriend and her friend Ashley and my realtor Lorie were all very freaked out when I took my shirt off that night. Not freaked out because I removed my shirt (they're all used to that) but rather because I looked (and still do) like some Creature From The Black Lagoon type horror movie monster.

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