Saturday, March 10, 2007

Toys for Boys is almost over.

I've done my last Toys For Boysd event until the party, so I finally have a weekend to relax. Doc is out at Performance Mazda until 3:00 right now, giving away two of the last keys.

Last night was my final event, Sub Zero hot tubs. It turned out to be a little bit difficult to find, since it is hidden in a mall just off Innes and Youville behind the Home Depot. Which meant that, pressed for time as I was, I missed it on the way by.

Upon reaching Orleans, I felt as though I had gone too far. But, worrying about time, I decided it must be a bit further, and I kept going. I managed to get to some city that was not Orleans, and I realized it was time to turn around. A quick phone call to the station, and back toward the queensway. At a speed that was safe, of course, but still slightly above the posted limit, I made it with six minutes to spare before my first cut-in.

Of course, the good people who work with me have no faith in me, so they had gone ahead and cancelled that first cut-in. I was disappointed, because my brain works very well at 150 km/h, and I had a really good one planned. This also meant that we extended our hours to 7:30, and gave people that extra 1/2 hour to grab their bonus code and get in on the draw. No faith!

Another successful event, but I expect Doc will be twice as swamped as I was today at Performance Mazda. They're our biggest sponsor, it's the last event, it's a Saturday, and, people want to meet him more than they want to meet me.

Sub Zero is giving us a hot tub and a pool table. I was provided with a list of features of the tub and pool table, but who cares, really? It's a pool table and a hot tub. They sell themselves. Easy as pie. Except for my last cut-in, where I sleepily made a bizarre reference to Persian rug makers.

Now, just looking forward to the party on March 22nd at the casino, and it's all over. Someone leaves with more than 100 grand in prizes, and I will leave wit a desperate desire to sleep and a nice buzz.

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