Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The show when I'm docile.

I guess the guys are enjoying their respite from my verbose artistic rantings. They seemed to be in a far better mood as the Doc and Woody show returned to normal this morning.

Not much of import was done this morning, and nothing earth-shattering was said. But it was good nonetheless. I hate to admit it, but it's likely a better show when I'm not sounding off and orating ad nauseum.

We determined a few things - Randall sits at Chapters reading books and drinking Starbucks coffee, giving illiterate people the world over hope that someday, they too might be able to read a novel. What surprised me about this is that I never pegged Randall for a Starbucks drinker. I would expect him to be the kind of guy who in good conscience can't order anything called a "mocchacino espressimo latte" or whatever they serve.

We also learned that Doc feels purged when he yells "I'm a Dork" on the air. Or in the studio off the air. Or perhaps in his car. It seemed cathartic for him, and as soon as the show was done this morning, off he went to complete the purging process with a bran muffin and a good long cry.

Randall commented on the rotten people who beat up the war hero in Morrisburg. Everyone who called agreed that they were rotten people. Doc forgot what he was doing seven times. We played Led Zeppelin, and I drank four cokes and ate a Mars bar.

Everything's back to normal, and splendid.

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