Thursday, March 8, 2007

Round two...this time with Mom.

My mom lives around the corner from the Parkdale, which is of course where I grew up. She tells me that many of my old friends and neighbours have visited the Asspirations display, with various reactions, mostly positive!

I was there to have my picture taken by a Sun photographer, for the story they are planning to run. I have no idea when that will take place, but I can only assume it will happen between now and Monday.

Oh, just got off the phone with Dennis Armstrong of the Sun. The story will appear in Friday morning's paper. I won't describe the photo that will run with it, but I will say this. Rarely in my life have I had the opportunity to stress my mother out to the extent I did while that picture was being taken. In fact, I managed to freak out both my mother and a large portion of Mechanicsville.

James Robinson, curator of the Parkdale, told me that by and large, the reaction to my work (even from my mom) has been positive. Even the other artists at the gallery have suggested that the paintings are not bad at all, and they all expected them to be quite bad.

While you're at the Parkdale, check out the other art, it's fantastic. James himself paints masks and portraits, and he has two pieces I especially like. One with all Lego figures, and one of Ken Dryden leaning on his stick. There's another guy named Vaz who does a really cool style of painting, with metal for the canvas and what I can only describe as electrical-looking paint. He has a really cool looking piece that depicts musical instruments - drums, and a guitar, and stuff like that.

James has invited all the artists currently on display at the gallery to attend the showing on Monday, and I think it'll be great to have them there to talk about their own work, with so many people looking at it.

The dog seems to have got over his aversion to my paintings, and is once again friendly with me. Either they don't have staying power, or the smell of ass has faded.

We talked about art, and I was surprised to find I had similar opinions to established artists. James and I talked about the elephants and monkeys in zoos who are given a paintbrush and paint, and their works sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Why? Who cares that it was done by a monkey, sucks is still sucks.

There's another guy my dad was telling me about, in the prairies somewhere, who looks at a landscape, then blindfolds himself, then paints that landscape. Do you really want that guy's paintings? Wouldn't they be much better if he was just painting it WHILE he looked at it? Same thing with the ass art. This "other" butt painter in the States paints actual objects, like barns or tulips. But wouldn't a real artist, with a brush and his hand, paint a better tulip than the ass guy? So if you want a picture of a tulip, wouldn't you just buy the good one, no matter how it had been created?

That's why abstract is the only way to go with butt painting. If the legitimacy of something is more tied to the manner in which it is produced to the creation it produces, there has to be some kind of reason to like it. And the juxtaposition of colours, the freedom of expression, and the artistic feel are the reasons to like a butt painting, not whether or not it looks like something else.

After viewing the paintings (and my scandalous photo shoot) I went to the Carleton for another delicious smked meat sandwich with my mom. She told me she is selling her house and moving to Kingston. She would not elaborate much. This may have been a decision that had been planned for a long time. Or, it was a decision made on the spur of the moment, upon realizing she was living in the same city as a son with whom it was too embarrassing to be associated.


  1. I think Moms are usually pretty honest with their sons. I know mine was. Regardless of whether or not the truth hurts, you can count on Mom to tell you like it is.

    I think if you're Mom was embarassed, she'd tell you.

  2. Yeah, mom's usually pretty up front about things of this nature. She actually seemed to be enjoying herself, if only a little. Certainly not a daily occurence for her that she sees her son drop trou in the middle of the street in Mechanicsville.