Monday, March 12, 2007

Preparations are under way...for a significant event!

Depsite Doc and Woody's attempts to rain on my parade this morning by continuing to bring up the fact that Rush will likely be playing Ottawa, and that I will likely be forced to go, and that they have a new single, which is going to be on a new CD, which is coming out soon, and they had to keep playing that single, I'm OK.

The reason I'm OK is that right now, as I wait for Jason to pick me up at my house, I am filled with breathless anticipation for what will almost certainly be one of the most important events of my life. I know what you're saying..."geez, poor guy must have had a pretty rotten life." But that is not the case!

It is just that I believe strongly in showcasing anything of significance to Ottawa's cultural fabric, and the fact that I am now a part of that fabric myself, I feel is cause for celebration.

I have done my shopping, and I'm ready. My paints are in a bag by the door. My last canvas is in a protective sleeve by the door. My "artist" clothes are in another bag by the door. What am I forgetting? Dunno. I think I have everything I need.

I am wearing silky, lacy women's underwear right now. I think I have had more reasons to wear panties over the course of my life than have most men. And not only have I grown accustomed to it, I have also, in a certain small way, grown to like it. I'm wearing them now, because I have no idea what's in store for me later today, and I don't know if I'll have a good place to change when the time comes. Plus I kinda like 'em.

I think Doc and Woody have gone about this whole thing wrong. First of all, it's not the fact that there are bonus points to be had that is important. The CHEO angle? Nice, great sidebar to the main event, but not the main event. The art is the main thing, it is the essential thing, and IT is what will be remembered twenty years from now.

But I don't expect a couple of knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, troglodyte neanderthals to understand haute couture. Of course not. The big issue I have is that they seem to be leaning toward starting the bidding on these works at 5 bucks. I insist that the bidding should start at $1,000. Why? Because arts people are a strange lot. They will believe a painting is worth what you tell them it is worth.

Have you ever noticed that a musical done by a small theatre company, where tickets start at 15 bucks, struggles to get 20 people in the audience? Whereas a production like Cats, where tickets are 150 bucks apiece, sells out nightly? I think we all know that Cats is terrible, and the small production is likely better, but these are the Art Snobs. They must go to Cats BECAUSE it's expensive, not because it's good. They really have no idea what is and isn't good. They need us to tell them what's good through ticket prices.

If the paintings were to be auctioned off for 2 grand apiece, they would actually be WORTH 2 grand apiece. If they are auctioned off for 12 bucks apiece, they will be WORTH 12 bucks apiece. That is to say, basically worthless. I hope I get a chance to speak my mind later on, when the auction begins. Maybe if they're going to start at 5 bucks, and they end up getting 30 bucks a painting, we can say it's a discounted price for the CHEZ faithful, and that this is only a fraction, say 1%, of the open market value. Or something.

Jason's here. I'm off to be irritating some more!