Monday, March 5, 2007

Bathrooms First.

I did two of our Toys For Boys live commercials on the weekend. Bathrooms First was on Friday night, and Motorsports World was on Saturday.

Of course, Friday the commercial started at 3:00, in the middle of that brutal snowstorm. I left my house in Kanata at 1:00, to give myself plenty of time, and it actually took me two hours to get there. Unreal driving that day. I figured we'd have next to no people coming out with the weather, but there were still nearly 200. I was not looking forward to the drive home, but by the time I left, the roads were clear, like nothing had even happened.

Bathrooms First has a really cool showroom, and a ton of stuff I might actually want in my bathroom. If I didn't rent. They are giving away a $10,000 bathroom makeover as part of the Toys For Boys prize package, and it almost seems worth your while to buy a house for it. Almost. Then again, there are some crazily expensive items for the people who are so rich that they can get them just because. And THOSE are the ones I would get. If I won Toys For Boys. If I was allowed to win.

I have never before seen a 500 dollar toilet paper holder. Or a 500 dollar towel rack. I thought perhaps they were diamond-encrusted, but no. They are just really nice. The toilet paper holder, they tell me, is that expensive because it's perfectly balanced. It knows when you're trying to pull TP off the roll, and also when you're pulling a little harder to break off that TP. Isn't technology super?

There is also what basically amounts to a bidet, but it has an extendable rod that comes out from under the seat when you need to use it, and sprays you down with water. You can adjust the temperature of the water, and the volume, and the flow, and the location, everything. And what really makes this product awesome is that you can use it with a remote control. So you may want to think twice about purchasing the thing if you have a wife...she may no longer need you.

I would buy it though - I don't think I'd ever use it myself, but if I had buddies over, and they imbibed too much, and the next morning they were down, praying to the porcelain god, I'd use the remote control function and spray them in the face. You see? This is the freedom you have to spend your money on frivolous and stupid things if you win Toys For Boys!

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