Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What's wrong with Pyjamas?

So on Monday, I had a friend staying over at my house. She fell asleep on the couch, which is also where I had happened to take off my pants. So she happened to fall asleep on my pants. I wasn't going to be rude, and wake her up at 2 in the morning to get off my pants, so I let her continue sleeping. And left the pants. My other pants were all in the wash, in that between-the-washer-and-the-dryer stage.

So I had no recourse but to wear my pyjamas in to work. They are a fine pair of Spongebob pyjamas. They are flannel, warm, and say "Spongebob Sleepypants", with several pictures of Spongebob happily asleep and dreaming. I believe he is saying "Zzzzz".

I was pleasantly surprised when no one said anything. Randall noticed right away, I explained, and he never said anything after that. But at about 8:30, when the show was almost over, Doc finally said..."are you wearing pyjamas?" and Woody said "yeah, I didn't want to say anything...". By the way, this is a good idea. Never say anything to a man wearing pyjamas. If someone is going to snap and fight everyone in the room, it's going to be the guy in flannel.

Doc, it seems, had spent the first four hours of the day thinking that I was wearing some kind of throwback 80s splash pants, and just thought to himself "geez, them kids have funny ideas about fashion these days". He resisted the urge to yell at me to get off his porch, and kept his opinions to himself. Only when he noticed the drawstring and Spongebob, who was not around in the 80s, did he think that perhaps I was underdressed for the day.

Not that any of this matters, of course. I'm in radio. Nobody sees me, and if I get sent out to do something, I'm usually wearing something far more embarrassing than Spongebob pyjamas. In fact, I spend my whole day in these, normally. I wear them to Mac's when I buy milk, to Subway, to Zellers. No need to dress up when I'm not at a wedding, right?

Well, therein lay the problem. Apparently, the following day (yesterday) here at work was just like a wedding. And that was the day we chose to talk about the pyjamas. All the bigwig bosses from Toronto and across Canada were in town to give one of those "motivational speeches to the troops". I had forgotten, but I was dressed in one of my nicer T-Shirts (Jack Daniels - it's black and exquisite) and a fine pair of jeans. No more pyjamas.

But we talked pyjamas on the air, Doc having figured it out too late the previous day to talk about it. He asked people to phone in if they would ever wear pyjamas to work. Every single caller said it was perfectly normal that I had done that. Ha! But the boss, Jeff Brown, was listening, and he had to call in to make sure I was wearing pants! The bosses, after all, were in town. An hour later, Jason, our promo guy, called in. Once again, to make sure I was wearing pants! He had been instructed, this time by the big boss, to make sure I had pants on, and if not, to escort me from the building. I'm not joking here. Apparently, I'm the most dangerous guy at CHEZ. Well, either me or Spongebob.


  1. Hmm... I missed that part of the show.

    I couldn't and wouldn't wear PJs to work. We can't even wear track pants to work. No problem with jeans and T's though.

  2. Where do you work? I think you said once before, but my memory is sketchy at best.

  3. I work at Corel in the engineering department. They're fairly relaxed as far as dress codes go, but I'm sure if I came in wearing PJs or track pants, something might be said. Not to mention that MY PJs are boxer shorts and a T-shirt. :)

  4. Yeah...I tend to steer clear from the boxers and T-Shirt, but I also had to seek out the PJs in order to have somthing to wear in to work.