Monday, February 5, 2007

Walkin' for diabetes.

On Saturday, I went to St. Joseph's high school in Barrhaven for a walk to help raise money for the Canadian Diabetes Association. About eleven intrepid students braved the cold to walk 5 km to raise money, and in all about 600 bucks was raised.

I went mostly to keep Jason company, since there was really nothing for me to do there except help him set up. We were there to play some music for the kids before they went out on the walk, and we gave them all T-Shirts and hats and lanyards and such like. But we couldn't really get the place rocking, because it is a Catholic high school. That means there is a mass and church service going on beside us. So we have to keep the volume real low.

I barely talked to anyone the whole time, since I was nursing a bit of a hangover after phase one of my weekend-long Super Bowl party. I sat in a chair, swigged some hot chocolate, and tried to wake up. For the most part, I failed. But it's great to see young people doing something for a cause, and Diabetes is as good a cause as there is.

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