Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl is always Super. But so is Guitar Hero.

My girlfriend was very excited for the Super Bowl this year. Although she complains like crazy every Sunday, all season, that I'm not paying any attention to life outside football, she slowly became somewhat of a fan over the course of the year.

And it meant that she got a chance to plan a party. Women love planning parties. She cooked for two days to prepare. My lone contribution was one of those cream cheese-sour cream-salsa-and-cheese dips, which took me about four hours to prepare.

So there was enough food for fifty, but the sixteen of us went through all of it in two days. You can't do the Super Bowl in moderation. You must consume giant amounts of food and beer, and in my house it's a two-day event. Most people can't get really crazy on a Sunday night, so we began on Saturday evening.

Ted brought over a video game called Guitar Hero. It's on the Playstation, I think. I don't know. I don't have a video game system, and I don't play video games. But I LOVE this one. It's crazy addictive. The proudest moment I've had in the last year was when I made it all the way through Free Bird without getting booed off the stage.

So we drank some...or a lot...and in the morning I got up at 6:30 to go to the Walk for Diabetes at St. Joseph's High School in Barrhaven. When I got home, everyone was still asleep. Fortunately, I had purchased seven of those king-can energy drinks for the weekend. At 4:00, we resumed Guitar Hero until game time. I currently hold the high-score record on Ted's game for the Allman Brothers' Jessica. That's right, I'm the man. Or, the nerd.

I was cheering for the Colts, since I wanted Peyton Manning to get it over with. I don't want to spend the rest of my football-watching life listening to Chris Berman speculate over when will Peyton finally win the big one and get the monkey off his back and answer the critics and get out of the shadow of Dan Marino.

Well, success! Although, I have to give credit to my buddy Danny Ray, who not only called the final point spread, but also called the opening play. He said "you know, Hester's going to break one in this game". And I said "it'll be in the second half" and he said "nope. First play." And he was right! And he's never right about anything!

At half time we ignored Prince for a while in order to have more time on Guitar Hero. Doc and Woody are very curious about this game now, so I have to bring it in tomorrow on the show. It might be a great show, or maybe the worst show ever, since this game is so addictive that Woody might forget to hit buttons and we might do ten-second segments so we can get back to the game. We'll see.


  1. Aside from beer, you don't need any other food than "cream cheese-sour cream-salsa-and-cheese dip". Thank god it's legal.

  2. That's true. But since it took me so damn long to make it, I couldn't afford to put in the kind of time it would have taken to make six or seven of them. I'm no Rachael Ray, I guess. Thank God.