Saturday, February 10, 2007

Skiers care too!

Yesterday I was out at a CHEO event at Mont Saint Marie, where a bunch of skiers raised some money for CHEO. 66,000 bucks, to be exact! Unbelieveable! I did the "live auction" part of the show, and that raised 7,000 bucks on its own. Great to see the generosity from the skiing community. A fantastic event.


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  2. I just hope you did the obvious and appropriate thing and stopped at the "Hill" for a "Large" beer and a quick chat with Billy on the way back to town.

    He REALLY needs to wash the vinyl siding on that hotel of his.

  3. I missed the "Hill", but I did manage to get a pitcher down in the time I was there...then Jason drove my obnoxious (but immensely talented) ass home.