Thursday, February 22, 2007

My art kicks ass!

I knew this morning that Doc was ready to rip apart the work I had done painting with my behind. Doc, Woody and Randall have been non-believers in my work from day one, and they were counting on failure when it came to the various pieces I brought in today.

But one look at these future historic paintings and everything changed. I was not mocked, I was not criticized, and I somehow managed to receive a grudging approval from the boys. I was not lauded as the revolutionary artist that I believe myself to be, but quasi-respect is really all I could expect from the Troglodyte, anti-art sect in which I work.

But if my works could even "sort of" impress those guys, then I should have no problem convincing the art community in Ottawa that there is an important new voice on the scene. Parkdale Gallery, look out! March 5th-12th is a week that is taking on more and more importance in the annals of historic Ottawa.


  1. Any chance of a quick preview? Like one of the 5 or 25% of a picture?

  2. yah, i'd like a preview of what I might be buying...

  3. I think I'm going to get the video of me actually doing these paintings up soon...hopefully you will be able to see the paintings themselves past the naked butt.

  4. Without a doubt, the show-stopper will be the LIVE creation of the last "Piece De Résistance" on the Friday. I suspect there will serious parking issues that night.

    I for one will make every effort to attend and bring the wife. Shall i wear my tux? I do hope canapé's will be served, or at least some Chicken wings and Blue Cheese. Perhaps i should also don a "jimmih"(at) name tag as well.

  5. i may not be Purrrfect
    but parts of me ARE Incredible.((grin))

  6. Name tags are recommended...and tuxes are appreciated. I think, bizarrely enough, this will likely be a pretty hot ticket. The video is now done, and should be on the website by tomorrow. NOT safe for work, and not suggested for pregnant women or people with heart condiditions and quick gag reflexes.