Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lambden window and door

I went into my live commercial at Lambden Window and Door in Carleton Place with a small amount of trepidation. It's one thing when you're selling electronics or hot tubs - I use electronics and hot tubs. But I know nothing about doors and windows, and even less about Carleton Place, except that Jeff Brown lives there, and I once got drunk in a hotel there while watching a Led Zeppelin tribute band called The Vibe Remains the Same.

It turns out my fears were unfounded, since there were so many prizes to give away and so much to do that I could barely get out half the information in each cut-in. I learned almost nothing about windows and doors, but I learned a lot about Carleton Place.

Mostly, I learned that Jeff Brown is very protective about his little hamlet. Normally, I do a live commercial like this one, and on Tuesday, when I see the boss, he either says "that was really good on the weekend", or "buy did that ever suck. You suck." But not this one.

Jeff must have called me three times in the first hour, to tell me to talk about certain things. "You should mention that people can win $1,000.00." OK, so I did. Another call. "You said they were ELIGIBLE to win $1,000, but that means they will all think they DID win a thousand make sure you mention the draw." OK. Only in Carleton Place! Great town though.

The mayor of Carleton Place showed up. The people at Lambden wanted me to bring him on to do a one-minute piece with me. But then everyone was gone too fast for me to find out about what. What was he going to say? "I'm the mayor. Great deals at Lambden." Who knows? It never took place - I was going to get him to do one of the prize draws, but he disappeared and it never came up again. Just as well. I did all the on-air stuff myself, and I got to meet the mayor of Carleton Place. Real nice guy. I've forgotten his name.

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