Thursday, February 1, 2007

I love Randall Moore. In a non-sexual, non-creepy sort of way.

Randall did what I think was his best commentary in a while yesterday. I love it when Randall rips the Conservatives a new one. Not that I'm anti-Conservative, but when he does, he's always right on the money.

This time, it's about those attack ads. And yes, I'm still sour that they copied me so obviously. But once Randall gets going, it becomes more of a general offensive against all Conservatives and their hypocrisy. Especially that recent hypocrisy that makes my skin crawl ever so slightly whenever I see John Baird wearing that green tie, or Stephen Harper paying lip service to Kyoto.

We didn't need the Liberals to come out with the documents, like they did yesterday, that showed Harper deriding Kyoto, and suggesting global warming was likely a big fallacy. We didn't need that, because we can remember. It was mere months ago that Harper and the rest of his party were basically ignoring the environment altogether.

Which makes it painfully obvious that their current "green" stance is at best political posturing and electioneering. And to attack Dion through ads saying his record on the environment was sketchy? Hello kettle, it's the pot. You're black. Global warming is not something we need to attack because it will win us an election. In fact, it won't win an election. It won't be an election issue, because finally people are coming around and they are all on the same side. The Conservatives HAVE to get on the bandwagon because if they don't they will lose. Simple as that. But does anyone really doubt that they never really wanted to do so?

Come to think of it, I have a great way to help combat global warming. Sure, I do all the other stuff - I don't leave my car idling to warm it up in the mornings, I turn off all the lights and stuff and turn the heat down to 17 when I'm gone. But my big contribution comes from laundry. I have been wearing only black and blue shirts, most of them CHEZ clothes, so I don't have to do two different loads of laundry every time. I feel that this will save some emissions by the end of the year. Go green!

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