Monday, February 5, 2007

A great idea.

I have a terrific idea. The NFL should push back the Super Bowl a couple of weeks. That way, every five years or so, Super Bowl Sunday would fall on Valentine's Day. Something for the men, something for the women. Women, I find (in a broad generalization) hate the Super Bowl about as much as men hate Valentine's Day.

And vice versa. Men love the Super Bowl as much as women love Valentine's Day. And make no mistake, the Super Bowl is all about men, and Valentine's Day is all about women. And Hallmark stores. So if we were to combine the two, every few years, it would give men some respite from the dark suck-hole that is Valentine's Day, even if it is only once or twice a decade. And on the years where they don't coincide, at least there's something to look forward to a few days later.

And women would be able to get through the Super Bowl on those other years too, knowing that they will soon get the flowers and dinner and chocolates and cards and shop-vacs that Valentine's Day inevitably brings. Everybody wins!

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