Monday, February 26, 2007

Fox news

I love Fox news. It's hilarious. Every time I turn it on, someone is spinning news in a neo-con sort of way that I find amusing. What I find amusing, mostly, is that Fox news believes that the American people watching are dumb enough to accept this tripe as news. What I find scary is that they actually are.

Anyone who finds Bill O'Reilly informative is fairly dim-witted. Those who find him hilarious are not nearly numerous enough. Any guy who wages a four-year war on France over the Iraq war without ever acknowledging that there were no weapons of mass destruction ever found there, is hilarious. But when people believe him, he's scary.

Is there a funnier slogan than "Fair and Balanced"? Unless it's "News at the speed of Live"...or maybe "I'm putting you on notice". Is anyone keeping track of how many people are now "on notice" courtesy of Bill O'Reilly?

I have found a documentary that hits Fox news right between the eyes, and I'm talking about it here because I don't plan to talk about it on Cynical Cinema. First of all, I don't think it's around on DVD (I receieved a burnt copy from a...source...that I no longer recall). I can't find on the net a place that sells it or rents it, so I think maybe it was copied off the TV or something. The DVD I got comes with two special features - Bill O'Reilly's appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and a Fifth Estate episode about the conservative media and their dirty tactics.

The film itself is called Fox News: Fake and Biased. We all know how Fox managed to give the election to Bush when Gore was the guy who won. We all know that Fox doesn't just lean right, but rather acts as a 24-hour propaganda commercial for the Republican party. But to actually watch the film is still rather eye-opening. And it's not because of a leftist bias held by the filmmakers. In fact, it's more of a pro-journalism bias, in the sense that the outrage does not come on behalf of the left, but rather on behalf of the sanctity of factual journalism.

If you can find it, watch it. Unfortunately, I don't know where it is, such that it can be found. Fox News: Fake and Biased. Fun stuff! Bite me Bill O'Reilly.

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