Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A day in the life of a promo guy.

Yesterday I got a chance to see what it's like to do promo. Me, I haven't been allowed to do actual "promo" work since I crashed up a couple of cars here and there. But I needed a ride home yesterday, and Jason agreed to provide me with one, provided I would help him with his duties for the day.

We needed to take the CHEZ truck over to Travel-Mor to get the trailer hitch removed. When we got there, we waited a while because Jason had forgotten his golf clubs in the CHEZ concert trailer, which was still on the Travel-Mor lot. That took about a half hour.

Then on to Ziebart, where another car was being detailed. So we dropped off the one car, picked up the other, and were out of there in about ten minutes. I made Jason stop to buy porn.

Then we headed out to Perth. You see, one car had to be dropped off, and we needed to drive two out so that we had a ride home. That went well enough, but it's a long drive by yourself.

While we were in Perth, Jason got a phone call from his boss, saying he needed something picked up in Smith's Falls while we were there, so we zipped over to our Smiths Falls office before heading home.

Of course, Jason does not have a key for the Smiths Falls office, and there was no one there. We called the one guy who has the key, and he said he'd be there in a coupls of hours after he picked up his daughter from school.

So we had two hours to kill, so we went to the bar. My driving duties for the day were over, so I had four pints at Rob Roy's. Fine place. Jason had a hoagie. When John showed up with the key, he joined me for a quick bite while Jason ran off to make a copy of the key so this situation would not arise again.

So Jason picked up the prize we needed, then drove back to Ottawa, dropped me off at home, and was on his way to drop the prize off to a disgruntled listener at his house. By this time it was 6:00. Jason had worked a ten-hour day, with a couple more hours to go, and I had worked for15 hours. Well, to be fair, I drank for two of those hours. So I had worked for thirteen. Thank God my normal day ends at 9 a.m. Well...two days a week at least.


  1. "I made Jason stop to buy porn."

    Hehe I nearly choked on my drink when I read that. Too funny.

    So, can I be a disgruntled listener too so Jason can drop off a prize at my home? :)

  2. Well, it takes a very special disgruntlement to get that kind of service. I'll let you figure it out for yourself. And it also takes a very special type of promo guy to stop for porn. I hope it was beer you were drinking.

  3. ((opening a beer))
    wearing leather g string with laced up red ribbon in front...pressing play
    Beer & Porn ((yum))
    it;s also healthy


  4. With your big exhibition comming up I feel strongly that you should dress appropriate to the function. No jeans and T-shirt for you.

    Might I suggest:

  5. I just checked out the funny undies link. Gross. But, I suppose you're right, no more gross than my actual video.