Sunday, February 25, 2007

Art is in the eye of the beholder...there's no beauty here.

I have spent the day looking at myslef basically naked. Not in the mirror (well, not since this morning), but rather on videotape. You see, the boys from Spectrum Sound and Vision shot a long video of me in "action" as I created the five works of art that are soon to hang in the Parkdale Art Gallery.

So today we edited the video, which meant we had to watch the entire 3-hour shoot again, from two different angles, (both rather unflattering to me) and then cut it all down to about a minute.

I had thrown out the thong I had used previously, so I needed something to make sure the video wouldn't be thrown off youtube for adult content. I found a pair of women's underwear that I had used for a previous event, maybe the French maid thing, I can't remember. I put them on backwards, because only the behind part of women's underwear can contain the in front part of me. So in the video, just above my behind, you can see the sparkly butterfly that is meant to be on the front of the underwear.

This is the least stressful part of the video. Those of you who gag easily, or who really don't want to see a fat guy with women's underwear holing up in box canyon, I suggest you maybe give the video a pass. For the rest of you...maybe see a doctor.

Altogether though, I must say that the Spectrum guys have done a wonderful job with such horrible material. Dave and Trevor never thought they would be seeing that much of me barely clothed. Well, not for a professional style video, anyway. And I appreciate the fact that they were able to keep their suppers down and make their way through with professionalism and skill, all the while barely looking at the screen.

Coming soon - a work of art in video form celebrating a work of art in art form!

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