Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The value of avant-garde artistic expression

We were expecting to raise perhaps eleven or twelve dollars for CHEO with my ass painting. I thought there was a small chance we could get up to thirty bucks if we really pushed the "money for CHEO" angle. But it turns out we were all way off.

The award for "Ottawa Business With the Best Taste in Art" goes to West End Automotive, who came through for the kids in a big way, with a donation of a whopping $750.00! Honourable mention to Southbank Dodge, who drove the bidding up with a huge offer of $570.00, easily eclipsing the previous high of $150.00.

Next time you're in West End Automotive, I suspect you may see a bright, colourful painting in the waiting room. While it's cutting-edge artistic merit may intrigue you, and it's intricate colour scheme might lift your spirits, you will still be looking at a painting I created with my own ass. Enjoy!

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