Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rorschach was right

I received an email that made good sense to me. Perhaps there is a bit of Rorschach in my butt-painting. Rorschach is the man who discovered that people might reveal something about themselves by looking at ink blots and describing what they see.

I call it a butt-painting because I'm typing this as I sit here with my seven-year-old buddy Owen, who thinks it might be a machine-gun shooting two fish, who are dodging a torpedo. In the air, a dragon's face and a human face are surveying the scene, while the word "Yes" floats around. My psycho-analysis of Owen is therefore that he needs to eat more seafood and watch less Lord of the Rings. See? Easy. Rorschach was a genius.

Other listeners have suggested it looks like a flower pot (boring), a butt (obvious), or a candelabara (too elaborate). Whatever it is, it will be auctioned off tomorrow for CHEO, and if I don't get 900 bucks for it, then I am not as good ass the other butt-painters in the world, and I will give up art for the time being.

By the way, you're all wrong. It's actually a walrus.

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