Thursday, January 11, 2007

No microwaves...but still some ass painting

So I come into the station this morning. I've been working my butt off all day yesterday, getting CDs, golf balls, grapes, light bulbs and everything else one might want to try nuking in a microwave. The Spectrum Sound and Vision film crew is ready to come out and film the results of our ridiculous experiment. And I find out we're shut down. Kiboshed.

The lesson here is not that we shouldn't do things like this, it's that we shouldn't let the CHEZ lawyers know when we are going to do something like this. Apparently they were afraid some kid was going to hear what we did, and escalate from grapes to marshmallows to cell phones to laptops in his parents' microwave, and we could be sued. So no go. We can't do it.

Jason bore the brunt of the abuse this morning, as Doc blamed him for letting the lawyers in on it. I suppose it is partially his fault, but what I'm most distressed about is the fact that we now have a perfectly good microwave that we are allowed to destroy, and nothing with which we can destroy it. Bad news. So I plan to take it home over the weekend and do all this stuff myself. Just curious. I really want to know what will happen should I place a propane tank in the microwave. Just not in my kitchen.

Apparently the "creating a painting with my ass" portion of the show will go ahead as planned tomorrow, barring any interference from the lawyers. Who apparently could create diamonds with theirs.


  1. Why don't you google "microwave" and "stuff" or search YouTube and Google Videos? There's tons of video footage out there now, of various things in microwaves. Also, he's a link to someone's Microwave page:

    The bar of soap looked pretty cool.

  2. BTW, there's also a video of the ass painting guy out there, on YouTube I believe. Not that I went looking for it! I saw the link on a news story a while ago when the teacher was only suspended.

  3. Your plans for the weekend remind me of a caller on yesterday's show...."we drink.....we try stuff"

    Have fun!

  4. Yep, that's pretty well my weekends. I've seen the microwave videos on youtube - Woody had them going in the studio all day yesterday, and they just look cool, not terribly dangerous.

  5. On a totally unrelated note...

    I heard the National Enquirer piece about the pizza delivery guy at the Grey's Anatomy lingerie party on the drive in to work.

    Nearly crashed the car laughing at your punchline.

    Keep up the good work.