Thursday, January 25, 2007

KFC vs. Pamela Anderson

So Pamela Anderson is going on about KFC again. Now she doesn't want the US to honour Colonel Sanders on a postage stamp, since he made a name for himself by scalding and dismembering chickens. And chickens can't speak for themselves, so Pammy has taken it upon herself to be the voice of those worldess birds. Which is fine.

Over the past couple of days, as we talked about this on the show, the whole thing became basically a commercial for KFC. KFC is delicious. And the reason for this, I feel, is that we had to make a choice. Were Pamela Anderson ever to come visit me in the CHEZ studio, I would gladly renounce my views on eating chickens, and I may even pledge never to eat at KFC again. I mean, it's Pamela Anderson! Just don't ask me to give up my Burger King. Or Subway. I love that steak and cheese.

But the chances of her dropping by our studio are slim. And the chances of KFC hearing us discuss KFC, and sending us a free bucket, are far greater. So, the educated decision was to go with KFC over Pam. Until she's in town and might be listening.

Now, KFC has taken all the "trans fats" out of their chicken. Anyone who has ever met me knows that I have no idea what trans fats are, but that my appearance is indicative of the fact that I have obviously consumed many a trans fat in my lifetime. But we were told that the taste had been adversely affected by the removal of said "trans fats". So we had to find out, and Doc brought in a bucket of chicken this morning.

It turns out that it is true, the taste is different. Woody and Randall thought it was worse. Randall wanted some salt, or thought perhaps if he was eating it at home he would have doused it in hot sauce. This, of course, did not stop him from having three pieces. I, on the other hand, actually liked the new stuff better. Not only is the taste less overpowereing (less like the spices and herbs and so forth, but more like chicken), but it also doesn't wreak havoc with your insides.

In the past, KFC would go right through me like crap through a goose (to borrow an expression from Patton). But now, I could actually enjoy it, and here it is five hours later, and I don't have the ring of fire, I don't feel like I've left a small part of my insides behind, and I could actually eat KFC again! That, in my opinion, makes it a success. Whoever invented this stuff should get his face on a stamp or something.


  1. I didn't notice a change the last time we had KFC. I can't remember when that was though. Maybe a month ago? Transfats are definitely evil.