Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The job market in Canada appears to be booming, and it seems the bulk of the opportunity is in Alberta. Today I'm headed to a live commercial event at 111 Cooper for Finning, a company that gets people jobs in the West. I thought it sounded rather odd, that they would want to pay to have a live announcer at what is essentially a job fair, but I think I was wrong.

Three people have called in this week during the Doc and Woody show about the event. That's unheard of for a live commercial. We can run ads for weeks leading up to something and people will take note, but they never call in about it, they just show up. This time, the interest certainly seems to be there among the tradespeople.

My grandfather sent me an email a while back, telling me that if I was smart, I should give my two weeks notice here, drop everything I was doing, move to Edmonton and just plain start working. My grandfather, however, does not believe this radio thing I do will work out for me. In fact, I'm not sure he thinks this is my job. He seems to believe it's my hobby, something I do on the side while I still earn my actual living working at North American Security.

But he's not wrong. Were I still making my living working at a security company, or at Esso, or any of the myriad of jobs I've had before CHEZ, I wouldn't hesitate. I could do the same thing in Calgary and make a better living, and I'm definitely certain I could find a better job. I'll have to check when I get there, but if they have radio jobs, I'm outta here!

The job fair, for all those interested, is at 111 Cooper this afternoon between 2-6. It may actually go longer, I'm not certain, but that's the time I'm there.


  1. Are you trying to say that you actually get PAID to do what you do? Get outta town.

    You know, if you could lose the "Intern" tag, your grandfather might then believe that you have a real job. Perhaps you need a new tag. "Eric the Great"... or "Eric the 'yes-I-get-paid-to-do-this' Nutbar".

  2. And why is the time stamp on my comments always 3 hours behind? It makes my day feel much longer than it really is. And that sucks.

  3. No clue. If I knew how websites worked...well, I'd be in Edmonton. Before I win over my grandfather, though, I should first work on our sales department. That "intern" tag is confusing!

  4. Sales? Blech.

    For the time stamp, my guess is that there's some kind of time zone setting in your blog's configuration options. If I wasn't such a lazy ass, I'd make a blog to find it.

  5. Ok, so I guess I'm not as much of a lazy ass as I thought I was. When you're editing your blog, look under the Settings tab, and then Formatting. There's a time zone setting there. You want UTC -5:00 Eastern. And when you're looking to grab a few Z's, you can drop by my blog :)

    And did you know that there is ANOTHER Eric the Intern out there? He's got a blog as well

  6. Yeah, I did see that! There's a Woody on his radio program also...bizarre coincidence, eh?