Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter

I have discovered a gem. Well, I guess it was not ME who discovered it. But I have now watched the biggest movie ever to be written and filmed in Ottawa with Ottawa actors and Ottawa scenery. It's kind of neat to watch a movie where you can recognize the World Exchange Plaza, or the Art Gallery, or the NAC. And this movie is worth your while if, like me, you have a passion for all things aggressively mediocre.

It actually is about Jesus Christ, fighting vampires. Which is a fairly awesome idea to begin with. But when moviemakers KNOW how bad their movie is, and they embrace it, it becomes well worth watching. How many movies have lines like"if I'm not back in five minutes, call the pope"?

The best scene in the film is when 74 "atheists" leap out of the SAME SUV, and menace Jesus. Announcing themselves as atheists. WE ARE ATHEISTS! So, of course it is natural that they would want to engage in a kung-fu battle with Christ. The best moment is when a large man with a stick-on afro pulls out a fro pick and uses it to menace Jesus.

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is not worthwhile just because it's from Ottawa. It has it's own merits as well. Sketchy though they may be.

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