Monday, January 22, 2007

Doc's birthday

Doc turned 50 this monday morning, and his fiancee, Terry, managed to organize a fairly extensive surprise party without his knowledge. Doc is not the sort of man who enjoys this sort of thing, and his face upon entering the kitchen was priceless. In fact, he still had the same expression when I left to go to Walkley Bowling at 8:00.

I have never seen Doc drink more than one drink at one time. Except on Saturday. By the time I left, he was on his way, and this morning he was still rather hung over. Before he lost track of himself, Doc said two things to me. First he said that if I knew about this, he would kill me. I pointed out that if I didn't know about it, then I must be there to see his girlfriend, and would that be better? The second thing he said was that he was impressed...or maybe disappointed...that I had somehow become sort of an adult.

I got him a present, you see. Mostly because for the first time in my life I was going to an event where a present would be appropriate, and I knew what to get. Golf balls. Every year, Doc and I both bitch a little about the fact that people want to do big fancy things for us, but all we actually want or need is golf balls. Me more so than Doc, because I will lose 17 balls in one trip around Falcon Ridge. And also because that way I feel better about stealing his when I run out.

Doc also accused me of "growing up" because I got him a card. I think, however, he may have skipped the card during the festivities later on, since he never noticed that it was actually a Christmas card I had left over from the holidays. I'm not even sure I signed it. I'm not responsible yet, dammit! But nothing I could have brought would top Randall's gift, of several bags of thawed-out brussels sprouts and a "weiner cleaner", a device that I guess is used to clean your "weiner" in the shower. Or in the kitchen, if that's your deal. You could get the same effect by drilling a hole in a bar of soap. but then it would not come in such a pretty box.

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