Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Doc hates my blog!

Doc is beginning a campaign against my blog. I could tell, this morning, when he called me out on the air over my tendancy to go on, and on, and on, and on about nothing. Well. Just because I have become reasonably comfortable with the process of "blogging" does not mean that I have succumbed to blog addiction. Or Bladdiction, as they called it this morning. Or bladder, whatever.

So I will adjust my blogging, and maybe not go on so much. Perhaps I will become more succinct, more concise, less verbose and less effusive. Maybe I will curtail my desire to ramble on and on about nothing. And there's a good chance that I will no longer meander aimlessly among the dense forest of words which I have created for myslef, and instead get directly to whatever point it may be that I am trying to make.

You know what I hate? American Idol. Yet I am forced, by some compulsion, to watch it when it is on and I pass by the TV. Would you believe I flipped AWAY from the hockey game last night to see some fat lady dressed as big bird, with obvious mental defects, compete for momentary stardom on Idol? And I actually enjoyed brief moments of it! Especially the one guy who said his sole reason for being there was to make David Hasselhoff cry. So rarely has there been anyone on TV with such a similar life goal.

But I like Frank's Red Hot sauce. I have started to put it on everything I eat. Eggs, nachos, chicken sandwiches, celery. I heartily endorse this product.

I am watching Mommie Dearest right now. I do not endorse this movie. Faye Dunaway is excellent, but it's a lot of wasted effort in what is otherwise a crappy movie. No wire hangers!

I just had a chicken sandwich with hot sauce.

More blogging to come! But it will be concise, to the point, and effective, like Doc's.


  1. Doc is just jealous. Don't stop writing. I won't have anything to read at work.

  2. Deal! I will continue to write about nothing. And important things. But mostly nothing.

  3. Wasn't Seinfeld a show about nothing? You can be like the Seinfeld of the blog community.

    At least you manage to come up with something to write about. Even if that something is nothing. I sit and stare at by blog trying to think of something. Maybe I should try and think of nothing. What's odd is that when I'm away from my PC I'll think of something and then forget it by the time I get to a PC. Hell, it's easier to write comments on your blog than it is to write on my blog.

    Hey... I just succeeded in writing about nothing. Woohoo!

  4. That's a good first step. Now, if you can just empty your mind completely, to the point where the thoughts you DO have are actually useless, then you can be as pointless a blogger as I am.