Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cambodia can't come to the phone right now...

I don't know what went wrong this morning. Perhaps Cambodia got tired of us. Or maybe our phone system has a built in sensor which is instructed to be suspicious of us each time we try to call a country as foreign as Cambodia. Either way, we were unable to reach that country this morning, leading to a thrilling radio segment - four straight minutes of number-dialing. Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep and so forth.

We were trying to reach Matt Frame, the guy who did the original (and real) handcuffed swim. I have been talking to him a little since my own recent attempt at handcuffed swimming. I suggested (and he agreed) that a 5.8 km handcuffed swim didn't seem that tough. I though that back in the day, when I was in shape, I could likely have done it. Matt agreed, and recently, he set a truly amazing record by swimming all over again. He wanted to make the record actually difficult to break, so he swam 20 km. It took him 16 and a half hours.

We were going to discuss the record with him, and talk to him about the charity he swims for, local schools in Cambodia. What does it take to get Guinness to show up to verify a record? (apparently 500 bucks, and something no one's ever done before) That sort of thing. Unfortunately, once we had Matt on the line, he said that if we called back, the signal might be better. So Doc thought it would sound neat to dial the 34-digit phone number live on the air. It did. But it didn't sound so great dialing it three times and getting no answer. Although the Cambodian lady who came on the phone to tell us we were screwups was fairly entertaining.

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